Adventures In Design Live on Fairfax September 20th. Circle of Trust Ticket Package

Hey Friends!

Hope you are enjoying your three day weekend here in these United States of America. The show is back tomorrow with new shows and I'm happy to announce that other than holidays, it's pretty much a straight ride of new shows all the way up to our holiday breaks.

If you live in the Southern California area we just put up tickets for our first ever live show in Los Angeles. We hope that you can make it out for an event that we are thinking of as Circle of Trust meet up where we happen to record a live show. We have the evening planned with a decent amount of down time so that everyone who shows up can have some fun Shop Talk with the AID guests and fellow COT members alike. LA is way too big and crazy to have a WMC Fest, Creative South or CMND SHFT, but maybe even if only for one night here and there we can all get together to talk shop and meet one another. Crazier things have happened right? Certainly in Los Angeles. 

Come out if you can! We have requested that the room be setup for a small crowd so that we can truly make it a evening of networking and limited lurking. COT members get first crack at tickets, next week tickets go on sale to non members, so take advantage of this opportunity to grab your spot at what will be a very fun night. 

Alight, back to work getting the COT database all loaded up. 291 more shows to cram into the system, it's going to take a while but will get there. Thanks for your patience and we hope you are enjoying the new content delivery over here.

See you tomorrow in your earholes!
Happy Labor Day!

Mark Brickley