365 - Shop Talk With Just Sean Mort

364 Shop Talk with Sean Mort

Mark and the People's Champ, Sean Mort, are back with another Shop Talk that revolves around a little bit of life and a little bit of business. Between reviewing Batman Vs. Superman and analyzing the rise and fall of streaming servicse from Pandora to Apple Music, today's episode has something for everyone including a few surprises along the way. Antics Ensue.

Talking Points

- Walking Dead Season Finale breakdown.

- The gruesome details of the now actually haunted Phantom Manor.

- Hollywood Brickey at the movies.

- The perils of unemployment in the United States. 

- Mark illuminates the rise and fall of markets and how key players in it mirror our own business markets. 

- The public's perception of a company that tries to "shakes things up" with all new upper management. Are they polishing brass on the Titanic or saving a business from the clutches of obscurity.

- The role advertising within social media plays in businesses big and small. Who is truly affected when a company tries to gain financial leverage on a popular service that is free.

- Mark has a unique plan to get off the grid and avoid technical difficulties.

- Finding the content your audience wants to hear from you. 

- A listener uses an idea floated out on AID and turns it into a business. Hear the step by step process from ideation to going live online and making their first sale.

- How to get into an established system, figure out its working parts, and use that research to your benefit financially as a middleman.

- Choosing to set up an online shop where customers already are or trying to direct them over to your personal site to shop. 

- Strategies for building an audience of engaged users with a new social media account. 

- Using your time to expand your product line or focusing on becoming the absolute best with the one product you do offer.

- Sean gives an honest account of his impressions of the Austin Motor Inn.

- The long con on the boys of DKNG.