367 - March Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam and Special Guest Dan Black

Episode 367 The March 2016 Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam and special guest Dan Black (and all new poster countdown noises)

On the second Wednesday of every month AID counts down the top 10 posters culled from OMGposters.com. We study these pieces to find their secrets to success in the hope that we all can learn and apply a little bit more about great design execution. Dan Black of Landland sits in as our special guest to review the artistic technical aspects of these 10 great prints.

Talking Points

  • Mark’s DVD signing tour and the pains of fame
  • Calibrating your colors across various digital tools and the final printed product
  • The time, obsession, relentless drive it takes to compete with the best.
  • The Edition Police weigh in on the ethics behind printing a second run when its original pressing was called a limited edition.
  • Planning out size runs that factor in collectibility and proper pricing.
  • Cinema Collage™ is officially coined.
  • Determining market fatigue an intellectual properties and when to renew a license
  • Best practices for turning a painting into a printed piece and using giclees over screenprinting.
  • Juicy Daniel Danger news
  • The rise of a Timed Edition Release versus Limited Edition Releases.
  • Consumer motivation and waining interest if they can never purchase what they want.
  • Seeing art in the distracting world of the internet and the difference in seeing art alone and framed on a wall.
  • The longetivity and relativity of a piece for various markets across decades and how that can affect your career.
  • The profits in larger edition sizes and amortizing fixed costs stacked up against the profits in smaller runs and smaller overhead.
  • The importance in the social aspect of developing friendships with peers in the same industry as you.
  • An exclusive Landland printing tip to see how ink will actually look on a paper stock.