The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: The Hood Sisters with special co-host Sean Mort

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 16/20
AID 302

Don't miss an all new thirty minute intro from Mark Brickey and David The Producer as they expand upon what put AID 302 and the rest of this week's episodes as the most downloaded episodes from the Circle Of Trust's second year. The Hood Sisters have a lot to teach everyone with their multi-faceted (catch the diamond reference!) business plan, marketing maneuvers, and personality driven projects that it's no wonder this interview rose tot he top of the pile! 

Back for their 2nd appearance Amy & Jennifer Hood join us to talk aboutOdds & Sods their new straight to consumer product business. We explore the benefits of breaking your business into to focused disciplines. We also hangout and have a end of the year office party Shop Talk where any and all topics make their ways to these here downloadable airwaves for our Off Topic Tuesday. Sit back it’s a fun one! The Circle Of Trust Bonus Content stays both off and on topic by exploring how we feel you make real money at design and focus on the relative terms of “success” and “wealthy.” Plus, Mark asks the twins to explore their mortality and Mort-tally as we have fun with special co-host Sean Mort on this Off Topic Tuesday!