190- Two For Tuesday with Victoria Goldsmith, Caroline Beavon, Greg of Miles To Go Clothing, and Connie of Print Mafia.

On Two For Tuesday we have two members of the Circle of Trust give us a basic breakdown on their business and ask questions based on their current biggest problem. Host Mark Brickey tries to talk them through to answers for the career problems. In the bonus content we bring in another professional to review their questions and the advice they we’re given. 

Case 01 - Victoria Goldsmith of Lowpolyfish.com.
Victoria is fresh out of school and applying for jobs like crazy, but is consistently hitting brick walls. Mark helps her visualize how to take back the control of her career and to stop feeling defeated.

Case 02 - Caroline Beavon of CarolineBeavon.com
Caroline is self taught and very driven. Mark helps her carve out space to get better and better on her clients dime and learn her way to good design one small step, one project at a time.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Greg of Miles To Go Clothing
Greg offers Victoria some insight on getting started on truing her design into a brand. Greg also takes Mark up on suggestion has a Two For Tuesday surprise.

Case 02 Review with Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia
Connie is a big fan of Caroline and praises her hard work and great attitude. Connie also gives Caroline some tips on learning on the job and some tips on bettering her body of work.