169 - Chris Parks & Monster of Pale Horse Design “Become Yourself”

Illustrator Chris Parks aka Pale Horse along with his friend Monster stop by to talk about Pale Horse Lucha, an impressive art experience they’ll be hosting on Cinco De Mayo this year in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Talking Points of AID 169
- What happens when you decide to dream up something impossible and then try to make it possible.
- Creating an art experience where no one can tell where the art begins and ends.
- How Chris and Monster created 4 new Lucha Libre characters and materialized them for their show.
- Going to Mexico and researching their subject matter through the eyes of famous wrestling families.
- Recruiting others to get excited about your project and take on a piece that they were passionate about.
- Creating inspiration to make big things happen.
- Keep moving, keep creating and not allowing yourself to worry about process.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Not allowing your self to be compromised. 
- The concept of creating Spiritual Warriors.
- Working with others and allowing them to craft your visions.
- Become Yourself.