161 - Jim Phillips “Greatest Hits”

We visit legendary skateboard illustrator Jim Phillips from his home studio in Santa Cruz, California. Jim started designing graphics for the famous Santa Cruz Skateboards (@santacruzskateboards) the same year the host was born in 1974. Ten years later Mark would see Jim’s artwork for the first time and this would change the course of his life forever. Thirty years later we’re honored to record this special interview where we get to hear the “Greatest Hits” of Jim Phillips legendary career and thank him for changing the way many of us see the world of skateboarding, graphic design and commercial illustration.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 161
- The invention of silkscreen illustrations on skateboards and how thick key lines saved the day.
- Being inspired by commercial art more than fine art and enjoying the challenge of this path.
- The organic shape of skateboards versus the boring shape of a canvas.
- We ask Jim about some of his most famous skateboard illustrations.
- The power of a graphic and thinking of information as logos.
- Having your son and now grandson carry on the family business. 
- The invention and celebration of the Screaming Hand icon.
- Getting on the other side of life where work is masked as fun.
- How the fine art world looks down on commercial art.
- The legacy of Jim Phillips.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Retired and 70 years old, Jim is addicted to creating and still stays up till after midnight making art.
- Earning Royalties for your work 30 years later. 
- The beginning of Thrasher Magazine and the famous ads that Jim created for the inside cover.
- Placing a story within a story, Jim’s love of landscaping and the biggest catch 22 of being a sport.
- Jim’s analog apple Z.
- Lifetime achievement awards and finding a lust for life