153 - Derrick Castle “The Rising Sons of Anarchy”


Derrick Castle and Mark Brickey walk the floor at the SXSW trade show. Talking to many companies offering makers new tools of technology to develop their next great idea. We talk to Kinoma, Power House Animation, Eventbase, ZipRecruiter, Pixie Social and have Bit Coin explained to us by Crypto Art.

However the show changes gears when we visit the Japan section of the trade show. Where we are greeted by talented inventor after another. Totally blown away by the friendly and fun Japanese 20 somethings we see the future of robots, gaming and dance shoes. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- We wrap up our adventures on the trade show floor.
- Derrick says goodbye and shares what he’s learned on this trip to SXSW.
- Lastly Derrick creeps Mark out by going in detail about eating a goat’s head the night before.