134 - Beth Manos Brickey AKA Tasty Yummies “Lover’s Week Volume: V”


Beth Manos Brickey is co-owner of Hero Handmade Goods. She is a fully trained yoga teacher and is food famous through her popular recipe blog Tasty-Yummies.com. She also happens to be Mark’s wife, but will tell you that’s the least of her accomplishments. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 134
- We briefly recap Billy’s trip to Disneyland and explain Monday’s cover image of Billy on Radiator Springs Racers. 
- Would you ever slap a stranger’s kid?
- Beth talks about returning from lunch and leaving her corporate design job. 10+ years later she never went back.
- The resentment of living two different lives from your partner in life. 
- Sunday night dread and hating Mondays.
- How California brought out the best in Beth.
- Creating a passion project. 
- How to monetize a blog.
- The warmest fart of all time. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Finding a way to connect the Tasty Yummies fan base to the Hero product line.
- The promotion community in blogging.  
- Poster design becoming more illustration based.
- Yoga queefs.