125 - Circle of Trust with Derrick Castle, Colin Frangicetto, Justin Kamerer & Todd Slater


Mark gathers up 4 design “celebrities” that are members of the Circle of Trust to talk about all things AID and to review highlights from the last month of shows.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 125
• We revisit the Jeral Tidwell concept of Skill versus Craft from AID-106.
• Colin shares with us his method of fulfilling orders from hotels while on the road with Circa Survive.
• Thoughts on the Anne Benjamin interview on AID-116, hearing from the “Artist’s Artist” perspective.
• Colin talks about playing benefit shows and how great gestures can leave a horrible taste in your mouth at times. 
• Talking about keeping your chin up when the chips are down.
• We talk about podcasting in general, what we think makes for a great host. 
• Mark shares the daily workflow of making the show.
• Using the show to rally the troops in effort to create better practices for the community that AID represents.