Handmade Hanukkah Steve Wood Menorah by Happy Bungalow (Pre-Order)

Handmade Hanukkah Steve Wood Menorah by Happy Bungalow (Pre-Order)


• Own the only octopus shaped Menorah approved by Hanukkah Steve!
• Hanukkah Steve Wood Menorah features 8 arms just like the real Hanukkah Steve we love so well.
• Made from figured hard maple (that wood used to make some baseball bats and bowling lanes).  Being a natural product, your Hanukkah Steve Menorah will look a bit different, but will be equally awesome.
• Every Hanukkah Steve Menorah is made the old fashioned way without CNC machines or laser cutters; instead they’re cut one at time on a bandsaw.  Then they are machine and hand sanded smooth so there are no sharp edges – just like Hanukkah Steve!
• Finished with a natural and non-toxic beeswax polish that leaves the wood with a smooth finish.  All colors you see are natural - no stains, dyes, or paint are used.
• 3/8 inch diameter holes will hold standard Hanukkah candles.
• This Hanukkah Steve swims to you with a 10 year warranty.

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This product is a 8 day pre-order during the 2015 Hanukkah season. All products will be produced and shipped once the pre-order is closed. Estimated ship date: December 23rd.

Happy Bungalow makes wooden toys – but don't think grandpa whittling on the porch, rather – roaring dinosaurs, zooming fast cars, flittering fairies, and the most awesome robots around.  We use only natural wood and only make toys we want our kids to play with.  Our wood shop is part of our home and holds many tools, but no lasers.  Every piece is cut by hand, sanded silky smooth, and finished with love.  Well, linseed oil and beeswax actually - it turns out love doesn't adhere to wood very well.

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