DAY 01 - Daniel Danger 5K Mystery Box

DAY 01 - Daniel Danger 5K Mystery Box


To Whom It May Concern, 

To close out Adventures In Design's run of Mystery Tubes this holiday season, I've decided to continue my warpath of being difficult and doing something silly instead. Logistically, I don't really have the backstock or inventory to properly pull off a proper mystery tube sale, unless literally everyone wants a Poison The Well gigposter from 2007. So initially i turned the offer down. And in all honesty, it's just not really my thing anyways. Maybe we'll talk about that later.

However, I pitched offering a "Five Thousand Dollar Daniel Danger Mystery Box of Wonder", and the fine folks at AID seemed very on board with me offering a literal parade float of goodness. So that's what we're doing; offering a singular deal. For $5000, the buyer shall receive a selected surprise run of my work: potentially including but not limited to originals, sketches, rare prints, music, misc projects, false starts, the work of friends and colleagues, one of a kind items, personalized guitar solos, my grandmothers peanut butter pie recipe, and other randomness repping my 10+ year career in the creative world. As personalized as I can make it. It might literally come in a giant box marked with question marks. I realize that's a lot of money, and the value of art is subjective; but its in my best interest for the person who would potentially invest so much in myself and what I do to be happy. For everyone else, there's some awesome affordable prints in my store right now which I also hope will make you happy.

...and in the entirely likely scenario that no one bites, hey... the very proposal itself is a conversation we can all enjoy. 

...If someone does bite, I'd bet they'd make a pretty good guest on a future episode of AID.

so we'll see. a fun experiment for this dreary December. 

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This is a mystery box of artwork. There will be no refunds or exchanges.