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COT - "The Key To Life"
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Metals of Honor "The Key To Life"

Metals of Honor is a new pin series that celebrates the lessons learned through our Adventures In Design — Metals created with the purpose that you have earned a celebration of your professional success and personal development. Perfect for treating yourself after a big win or even better giving to a friend that you want to know how proud you are of them.

The Key To Life

The first Metal of Honor is The Key To Life a reminder that meeting others, and talking to people that are different than you, enriches your life and truly makes you wealthy.

The Key To Life is earned by reaching out to others, by interacting with those that are different than you and by leaving your comfort zone. Have you recently gone on a trip, attended a social mixer or been put into any situation where you had to explain yourself, your talents and your unique creative perspective. Did this meeting result in a new friend, a new job or a new resource to help you grow personally and professionally? If so you are qualified to wear or display The Key To Life.

The Key To Life can be given to a new friend or co-worker but is best to give to someone you know that has social fear or anxiety. The Key To Life is a reminder that to grow, to build our dreams we need to know as many different people as possible. The more different types of people you know, the more skills and human resources you have to get the job done or at the very least to have a new friend to give you perspective on how they tried to win or how they failed and what you can do to succeed while avoiding the latter.

Adventures In Design is built on people and their stories, and the further someone is from us, it seems the more we can learn from them. Always use The Key To Life to open the opportunities that you demand from life.

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Designed By Mark Brickey and Created By

Two Inch Sandblasted Antique Nickel Metal Pin
Artwork By: Mark Brickey

Pin Produced By:
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