Episode 274 - Shop Talk “The Halloween Special”

Mark, Billy and James have the candy bowl loaded up with goodies for all of our telephone trick or treaters. Plus a couple of illustration celebrities stop by to say hi and get some free candy. We take your calls and celebrate the spooky on today’s special Halloween episode of Shop Talk.

In The Circle of Trust
- We answer a hard listener question about leaving a client that’s 60% of your income.
- Scary print stories.
- Mark reads a comic, the wrong way.
- We talk The Walking Dead (SPOILERS)

Episode 273 - Creep Week 2016 Volume: 04
Tallboy “Full Drippy”

Illustrator and product maker Tallboy joins us to talk about his illustration career, personal “master works”, forming Night Watch Studios with his lover Krusty AND the most important movie in the history of Canadian cinema FUBAR. 

In The Circle of Trust
- More of his master works and the greatest art installation of all time… The giant asshole you can stick your face through. 
- Tallboy’s illustration  process.
- Bonding over how VHS was good to us.

Episode 272 - Jordan Buckley “Money On The Table”

Mark’s long time friend Jordan Buckley of Every Time I Die comes back for his second appearance where we explore his last year of taking a step back from the fast paced, self imposed deadlines and instead found fun drawing on trash. 

In The Circle of Trust
- Backstage and Recording Studio Stories.
- How Weezer Recorded The Perfect Drum Sound.
- Getting Picked To Be The Official Artists For Warp Tour 2016.
- Mark Givse Jordan Custom Fit Career Advice To Keep His Career In A Straight Line.
- The Challenges of Daily Drum Doodle.
- Wanting To Make Each Piece of Work Better Than The Last.
- Song Writing and Collaboration When In A Band.
- The Ugly Secrets of Ozz Fest.
- Dance In The Flames of Chaos With Jordan Buckley.

Episode 271
The August 2015 Top Ten Poster Countdown
with Mitch Putnam of

Plus Recapping MondoCon 2015 through the eyes of Mondo, The VACVVM and artists.

Honorable Mentions: 01 02 03 04

Top 10 Prints For August 2015: 
10 09 08 07 06
05 04 03 02 01

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)

Mitch’s review of Disneyland as toured by Brickey Mouse. 
Tales from Camp Death Slide the post MndoCon artists retreat. 
Nurturing your kid’s artwork into a possible talent. 
Halloween movie talk.
Back To The Future day was all the hype a good thing or bad thing for officially licensed merchandise? 



Episode 270 - Florian Bertmer & Tony Moore

Part 01: Florian Bertmer
from MondoCon 2

Florian Bertmer is a German illustrator from the hardcore punk, grindcore and metal scene. His early works were reminiscent of Pushead while his later works have become more influenced by Art Nouveau and Occultism. 

Part 02: Tony Moore
Encore Presentation from Creep Week 2015

Tony Moore is an American comic book artist, whose work consists mainly of genre pieces, most notably in horror and science fiction, with titles such as Fear Agent, The Exterminators, and the first six issues of The Walking Dead.

Episode 269 - Shop Talk
with Billy Baumann and James Flames

It’s Friday the gang is all back together to talk about baseball, brushes and we take your calls.

In The Circle of Trust
Mark & Billy breakdown all of the numbers from our first ever product drop. Giving 100% transparency and insight on creating, distributing and marketing a product. 

Episode 268 - Nick Steinhardt

Professionally Nick Steinhardt is a three headed monster, who plays guitar and cowrites music for the well respected hardcore band Touché Amoré , during the day he works on elaborate major label music and entertainment design projects at SMOG in Los Angeles and during nights and weekends, while his fiancée saves lives, he works away at a freelance career, crafting the most well thought out package designs for your favorite bands. Any of us would be lucky to have to have one of these, but Nick Steinhardt is a career hoarder and does all three. We discuss his work life balance and how each of these paths depends on the other.

In The Circle of Trust
We talk about the music industry and the future of his band Touché Amoré.

Episode 267 - Aaron Sechrist “OK Pants - Moving Sucks”

Circle of Trust member Aaron Sechrist stops by to talk about his moving sale and just how much he actually hates the art of moving. Advice on how to create partnerships with your clients, versus creating more bosses. 

In The Circle of Trust
Aaron and Mark talk more about managing your clients, cereal and cake for breakfast, plus Black Friday and Dark Lords.

Episode 266 - The Story of Building Brickeyland Narrated By Mark Brickey with Sean Mort

We catch up with AID all time favorite Sean Mort to hear about the last exciting 4 months of his life. Mark tells his 23 month saga of working indectlry and then directly with his dream client Disneyland. Hear the tale of giving something your all, getting fired but not giving up until finally the ball bounces your way.

In The Circle of Trust.
Mark shares the 4 major lessons that he has learned through landing and completing his dream design job.


Episode 265 - Phantom City Creative - Justin Erickson

From MondoCon 2 we get to meet Justin Erickson one half of the Toronto based dynamic design duo known as Phantom City Creative. We speak to Justin about all of the work that you don’t see when you look at their powerful minimalist designs. Justin allows us to see how he gets down to the essentials needed to tell the visual story. With body of work that has several vinyl packing designs and numerous posters for movies, bands and TV shows we get to hear some of the mindset that has created such a strong body of work. From hiding the Jerk-Off factor of Superman to looking at your career as a iceberg where people only see a small part of the hard work that goes into creating you work, it’s all here in yet another great interview recorded live at MondoCon 2 in Austin, Texas.

In the Circle of Trust.

Mark talks about the constant commitment to working for yourself and how there is no such thing as “off time”. He also talks about spending time with family and trying to understand different lifestyles.


AID264 - Shop Talk
with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann & James Flames

The guys are all together to bang the drum and get the weekend started. We take your calls from 1-8555-JERKOFF, talk about MondoCon 2 and talk about Delicious Design League looking for a new office.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)

We review the progress of our first ever product drop “Practice Makes  Perfect” and talk about a ton of business Negotiation and product release strategies. A  very business oriented Circle of Trust segment.

AID263 - Scott Campbell (Scott C)
Live From MondoCon 2

Scott Campbell (Scott C)  is a maker of paintings, illustrations, comics, kid's books and video games. He studied illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, focusing on comic and children’s book illustration.  Soon after graduating, he began at Lucas Learning as concept artist on children’s video games. Scott C, sometimes known as Scott Campbell, is the creator of the online series called the GREAT SHOWDOWNS greatshowdowns.comand Double Fine Action Comics He was Art Director at Double Fine Productions on such games as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. His illustrated picture books include Zombie In Love and East Dragon West Dragon from Simon&Schuster. In his newest book called HUG MACHINE, he has written the words as well as the pictures.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 263
- We explore the Scott C signature art style.
- The innocence and adventuresof illustrating as a kid.
- Keeping consistent and creating a stylized universe.
- Being inspired by action figures.
- Picking the right people over the right projects.
- Designing for video games.
- Creating illustrations for children’s books.
- A round of Hire, Fire or Retire.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
Mark goes solo for the first time ever creating Circle of Trust content sharing some of his travel adventures and behind the scenes stories from last weekend’s trip out to Austin, Texas fro MondoCon 2. 

AID262 - The Sucklord “Suckadelic”

The most notorious super villain in all of collectable toys joins us today to talk about Suckadelic the collectable vinyl toy collection created by The Sucklord. Born and raised in New York City The Sucklord is the intergalactic bootlegger to end all bootleggers. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 262
- The early days and creation of Suckadelic and The Sucklord.
- The rise and fall of the collectable toy world through the eyes and experiences of The Sucklord.
- Creating your place in the industry versus waiting for the industry to invite you to the party.
- Letting your personality guide your brand and not worrying about trying to please everyone.
- How flippers may not directly make you more money but in reality help you drive up prices and strengthen your demand. 
- What it’s like to emotionally and financially go through a trend driven industry collapsing.
- Knowing when to stop.
- Next steps in the career of The Sucklord.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content) 
- The personal story of The Sucklord and how his childhood and love of Boba Fett  inspired his creations.
- From a Boba Fett impersonator to The Sucklord.
- Being on Bravo’s reality TV show “WORK OF ART: The next great Artist”.
- The Sucklord’s shittiest day at the office.
- Mark’s theory on riding trends and not letting implode.
- The physiology of collecting and the instant sellouts.
- Repeating your mistakes?

Episode 261 - MondoCon 2 Shop Talk Wrap Up featuring Ken Taylor, Sunny Day & Richey Beckett

Recorded just minutes after MondoCon 2015 went into the history books. A very special Shop Talk episode wrapping up the weekend that was with Ken Taylor, Sunny Day of We Buy Your Kids and Richey Beckett.

Episode 260 - Shop Talk ‘The Dark Side of Bootlegging”

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 260
- The long lonely hours of running a printing press.
- Mark self evualtes why he lost interest in listening to one of his favorite podcasts.
- More listener calls and more hatred from Billy.
- Ashley Madison conversation.
- Using the homeless as a marketing tool.
- Addressing the huge rumor that New York Comic Con is going to be a legal shit storm for bootleg art work.
-  Could A Crack Down Be The Best Thing That Happened To Art

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content) 
- A update on the first 24 hours of “Practice Makes Perfect” Product Drop.
- The way it “should be” when figuring out the artist cut of a creative project. 
- Discussing the marketing rollout for the Force Awakens. 
- The PBS documentary on Walt Disney and he’s dream of tomorrow that never came.

Episode 259 - Kevin Dopp N.Y.C.(NEW YORK CREDIT) 

Is a mens apparel designer that has worked from Burton, Grenade, Ralph Lauren and currently is the head of outerwear design for Lands End.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 259
- Explaining to your guy friends that you want to design dresses as a career and then realizing how much girls dig it.
-  Discovering fashion as a young man and being confused in the process. 
- How a goofy term like metrosexual opened the door for a new exploration of consumer products for today’s man.
- Discovering quality and craftsmanship in your clothing.
- Designing Olympic Uniforms.
- Stigmas associated with a tag that reads “Made In China”.
- Work life balance while meeting the demands of a industry that designs a year ahead.
- The step by step process on creating a seasonal line of clothing.
- Seeking out a job where you know everyone will be better than you and using this opportunity as graduate school where you’re getting paid to learn.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Working remotely.
- Choosing to live in a environment that inspires you. 
- More men’s fashion and clothing design talk.

Episode 258 - Product Drop 01
“Practice Makes Perfect”
by Kyle Letendre & Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League. 

Our first ever Product Drop episode where we spend the first hour of the show talking about the concept and design execution of our timed release art print “Practice Makes Perfect” available today at You’ll hear the complete design process today from idea conception, sketching process and then the many tips, tricks and tools that Kyle Letendre used to flush out this piece to final execution. 

In the Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content) you’ll hear 100% transparency on the business side of our first Product Drop. Every penny and process is broken down to help us all understand what it takes to manufacture, market and deliver a product. You will learn how much earning potential everyone involved in the Product Drop stands to make for each unit sold. We also make realistic predictions and projections on how many units need to be sold to hit certain benchmarks and what numbers the team will consider a total failure. Stay tuned for future episodes where we keep you involved in the Product Drop so that we can all use this release as a case study and learning tool in selling your own products. 

Episode 257 - PITCHGRIM
“From Swamps To Santa Cruz”
The Cody Melick Mysteries

PITCHGRIM aka Cody Melick went from working in the swamps of Florida to being the in house design illustration guy at Santa Cruz Skateboard. This is his story of being a husband, a new dad, working a dream job and still finding time for his own design pursuits under the name PITCHGRIM.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 257
- Working in the alligator infested swamps of Florida to offset your starting out freelance design work.
- Taking the job of a legend, but someone had to take Jim Phillips job at Santa Cruz Skateboards.
- Inheriting classic imagery and finding new ways to interrupt the brand.
- The intimidation and pressure of working with popular intellectual properties like Star Wars or Marvel while still trying to keep it brand specific to Santa Cruz.
- The weekly workflow of being the in-house illustrator for a major skateboard company.
- How to keep to up with creative pace of a heavy workload. 
- Being a husband, new dad and having a dream job, what kind of work makes Cody jump into more illustration hours.
- Quickly hating your work as soon as it’s finished.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Keeping your own brand alive while killing it at the dream day job.
- Getting better at your trade by keeping up with a high demand illustration job. 
- Living under the moniker of your own brand or day job. 
- Just enjoying your work getting out into the world without worrying about the credit or fame.
- Setting both personal work and day job goals


Episode 256 - Jason Welsher “To Die For”

Jason Welsher is Southern California apparel printing master, from your favorite punk rock bands, to your little sisters favorite clothing brands, Jason has printed or consulted on it all. We talk to him about his vision of artist relations and how he has curated his own apparel brand “To Die For” into a artists first label. We also encourage him to go further in his current project playing agent to those in the creative community that could use Jason’s business knowledge and history to make their future’s even brighter. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 256
- The ethics and mindset that birthed To Die For’s standard of top quality. 
- Cash flow through the years with bands and clothing brands.
- How the rock n roll merchandise companies devalued the design community and the fans lose in the end.
- The bro days of designing for free merchandise are gone… EVERYONE MUST GET PAID!
- Helping others see the world of business opportunities that they are seemingly blind to.
- Staying Rock N Roll Thin. 

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Following your strong points to success.
- Working with other creatives and thinking about the long term face of your brand.
- How worker harder can just wear you out.
- What it was like to print for clothing companies as they were blowing up.
- Why in the end to give up printing and focus on products.
- Lessons learned from watching others have financial booms and getting fooled by the rat race.
- Don’t let your big bank account balance fool you, you are always broke! 
- Letting others bring out the best in you.
- NDA Cast Exclusive: Mark tells about the time a merch company asked for his real opinion on their in house work.
- Straight Edge in your golden years.

Episode 255 - Shop Talk
“Work Smart, Network Smarter”

Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and James Flames take your calls from our new listener line 1-8555-JERKOFF and vote on which callers are Jerk Offs. In The Circle of Trust we review big topics that hit the AID airwaves this week and get Billy & James answers to some of the questions our guests brought up. Last but not least we leave the show with a a couple or more clues about next week’s first AID official product drop AND talk about the possibility of AID Summer Camp 2016.

Episode 254 - The Mark & David Show

Mark Brickey and Adventures In Design producer David Defeo do the first ever official meeting episode. Where they review all things AID and talk about new developments in the show.

This episode offers tons of behind the scenes info on the duo bringing you the podcast daily and in the Circle of Trust you get to hear what Mark and David have been plotting to create a unique shopping / reality show experience with the future of the daily bonus content.

Episode 253 - Derrick Castle
“Hillbilly Wednesday - Bondo And Beauty Queens” 

Regular guest Derrick Castle joins us to talk about some of the business experiments that he’s tried over the summer show season. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 253
- Mark & Derrick debate the best way to pull off a promotion at your live events.
- Not feeling comfortable with being a winner when you’re use to losing.
- Is Brickley becoming the Hollywood elite by getting a pedicure.
- The Derrick Castle work, work balance as his day job get busier.
- Long term client projects and waiting for work to find it’s way to the publics eye.
- Derrick’s excitement about doing his first big solo show in Nashville.
- Classic cars, Castle is thinking about picking up a Sunday driver.
- Derrick’s struggle with pre promotion through Instagram and wondering if it hurts sales.
- Mark says thanks to Derrick for helping the show out when he needed it the most last year.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Mark gives Derrick some feedback on how to possibly sell more of his recent print by making a couple of printing adjustments. REAL LIVE CASE STUDY
- Designing For Consumers - NOT - Designing For Designers.
- Excitement about Mondo Con and the new caller phone line 18555JERKOFF.
- Mark proposes a 2016 Adventures In Design Summer Camp with Derrick Castle and other show favorites.
- Derrick and Mark talk about digital distribution and possibly starting the AID digital goods store with Derrick’s recent digital work. 
- Castle gives feedback on the type of shows that he wants to keep hearing on AID.

Episode 252 - Michael Sieben “Onion Rings”

Michael Sieben took an opportunity at a Fugazi concert that forever changed his creative life, now years later he’s illustrated his own books, skateboards and countless fine art prints / gallery shows. Currently he resides as the managing editor of Thrasher Magazine and recently launched his visionary skateboard company The Program.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 252
- Humanizing your heroes to get over the hump of intimidation.
- Becoming a huge part of Thrasher Magazine from monthly illustrations, articles and now editor.
- How one career milestone can create many others.
- Creating a visual universe and allowing yourself to create anything within your style.
- How Michael and a friend tried several times to get their own skateboard line up and off of the ground.
- We introduce you to “The Program” Michael Sieben’s new skateboard company with a heavy narrative.
- The influence of art through skateboarding heroes such as the great Neil Blender.
- Story telling through your company’s brand and marketing.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Doing the math before you say yes to creating a book.
- Michael Sieben’s illustrated Wizard of OZ book containing over 60 illustrations and the creative / business lessons he learned from this massive undertaking. 
- How a failed art show experience inspired Michael and friends to create their own gallery.
- Even dreamers can be complainers. 


Episode 251 - Phil Guy aka Burrito Breath

Illustrator Phil Guy sits in to talk about his love of illustrating the seventies, managing a big Instagram account and finding his way back to Ohio to keep life profitable. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 251
- The dizziness of looking at characters with an extra set of eyes.
- Line weight and characters that call back to the illustration style of the seventies counter culture.
- How guys keep finding and bringing back to life the look of the seventies.
- Things we find as kid and have no idea what it is we truly have stumbled upon.
- Realizing as an adult that the cool kids in your neighborhood probably weren’t that cool.
- How Phil Guy used a well curated Instagram account to grow his audience and grow his business. 
- A good tattoo artist versus a bad one, thinking long term and not overworking the piece.
- Running your own store fulfillment to better know your customers.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- The pain of T-Shirt design, giving shape to the shapeless design. 
- Playing it safe with commercial art when you really wanted to be an artist. 
- The larger the social media audience, the engagement weakens. 
- Managing a large social media account.
- The expectations of free information through the internet.
- Using a brush and inking the perfect line versus trying to recreate that perfection. 

Best of Adventures In Design
Episode 123 - Tom Whalen “Fears”

With a new 24 minute intro from Mark Brickey & Jason Edmiston. Original Air Date: January 29, 2015

Tom Whalen is a illustrator with a career focus on movie posters and a design style focused on strong compositions. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 123
• We recap Tom’s super impressive 2014.
• Working in info graphics. 
• What makes for a good gig poster theme.
• Living for design.
• Knowing when it’s time to leave your job and go full time freelance.  
• The low tide of cash flow.
• Starting projects over or making peace with your current execution.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
• We ask Tom to share with us how he creates such stunning compositions.
• The biggest lessons learned from year one in freelancing.
• Working with several clients and yourself in similar arenas. 
• Being a blue collar creative.  

Best of Adventures In Design Episode 98
Garry Booth of Phone Booth Gallery “Money Burger”

With a new 24 minute intro from Mark Brickey & Jason Edmiston. Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2014

We check back in with Garry Booth of the Phone Booth Gallery about his recent trip to Miami for Art Basel 2014 where his gallery showed for the first time at Scope.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 96
• Garry Booth shares with us details on the Phone Booth Gallery’s first showing at Scope during Art Basel 2014.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
• We learn what emerging galleries look for when picking artists to work with and how much work you need to be able present to get the gig.
• “Gallery consignment” versus actually being represented by a gallery.
• Debating doing fine art under your actual name or choosing a moniker.
• How trends develop in art.
• Getting out of the shadows of your heroes and creating your own ideas and style

Best of Adventures In Design
AID-AM 38 - Mike Sutfin “Battle On”|

With a new 24 minute intro from Mark Brickey & Jason Edmiston. Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2014

Oakland’s very own Mike Sutfin allows us to visit is designer dungeon where we talk to him about oil painting, toy design and his personal projects that he hopes to birth through the new collective of artists and designers he joined known as the VACVVM.

Best of Adventures In Design AID-AM 30 - Todd Slater “80’s Villain”

With a new 24 minute intro from Mark Brickey & Jason Edmiston. Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2014

Todd Slater joins AID-AM and talks about his 10+ year career as a graphic designer turned illustrator and shares his insight on how this transformation slowly evolved. Todd and Mark review his 300+ posters on and break down the different chapters in his stunning art career and document the steps to becoming one of the best known names in modern poster design.

Best of Adventures In Design - AID-AM 03 with DKNG Studios “The Reality of Creating An Art Show”

With a new 20 minute intro from Mark Brickey & Jason Edmiston . Original Air Date: July 14, 2014

DKNG recently spent a year and a half, 500+ hours and over $20,000 creating "Icon" an art show comprised of 50 pieces featuring iconic places and things from some of your favorite movies and TV shows of all time. Hear the story of how DKNG decided to spend more money than they were making and turn clients away to stay focused on a project that they wanted to make for themselves. This episode will give you a very honest look into the struggle of putting life on pause, to play out your dreams. 


Episode 250 - Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann & Kyle Crawford

The final summer episode of Adventures In Design with special guest host Kyle Crawford. We do our first ever on air sensitivity training session. We’ll the AID HR department fail or succeed? Listen to find out on todays Shop Talk. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 250
- Investing your time and products into specialty holiday items.
- Shocking Halloween childhood stories.
- Artist sensitivity  training with Kyle Crawford.

The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
Reviewing the topics that came up this week on Adventures In Design
- Parental routines and setting good work examples to your children.
- Working with your friends to stay motivated and responsible.
- Choosing to work alone and enjoy the solitude. 
- Why the Luke Chueh interview may have been too brutal for listeners to react to.
- Creating a space and a opportunity for yourself. 
- Reoccurring projects and the weight they put on your schedule. 
- NDA Cast exclusive.


Episode 249 - Dave Kloc

Dave Kloc was invited by a friend to attend the Meltdown a weekly comedy show at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. He then came up with the idea to make a weekly poster for the event and has continued this weekly tradition for nearly 5 years.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 249
- Creating your an opportunity for yourself.
- Early mistakes, doing it all wrong to teach yourself how to do it right.
- Keeping your head down and staying in the zone when creating a new poster weekly.
- How creating the Meltdown opportunity has opened up so many other opportunities for Dave Kloc’s career.
- Creating a partnership with the people that you work with.
- Full circle moments in your life.
- Launching a web store and finding a efficient way to make the store work for your schedule.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Dave explains the method to his  schedule madness in keeping up with the demands of his weekly poster gig and still taking on other projects.
- Diversifying your product line to make the most of the designs that you create.
- Learning the efficiencies of managing your supplies.
-  A friendly debate over performance art.

Episode 248 - Luke Chueh “Burdened By Ambition”

Hear the life and times of Luke Chueh a celebrated figure in the Los Angeles low brow art scene as well as a known name in designer toys.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 248
- Growing up as an outsider.
- Picking commercial design because it feels way safer than choosing fine art.
- Drug abuse and 14 years missing. 
- Learning how your industry truly works through a great starter job.
- Influences from pop culture. 
- The artistic and narrative tricks of Luke Chueh in illustration and story telling. 

(Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Feeling addicted to the success of your signature look and being afraid to let go.
- With a heavy daily drug habit being afraid to change the artwork due to fear of losing the constant cash flow needed. 
- Luke’s theory on 3 things needed for success.
- Does toy design damage your fine art career.
- Life being easier when addicted to drugs.
- Feeling the burdenen of ambition
- The things you work the hardest for are the things that you cherish the most.
- Getting out into the world around you, to help your career with the art of discovery.

Episode - 247 Richard Minino “Horsebites”

Florida designer Richard Minino joins us to talk about how rad the 70s were, custom painting motorcycle tanks and helmets plus how much fun he’s having with his new brand 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 247
- Starting a clothing brand based on what you’d want to wear, not what you think other people want to wear.
- Richard’s DIY discovery of custom painting motorcycle tanks and helmets.
- Living up the expectations of hardworking blue color dad. 
- Not knowing how to explain what you do for a living.
- The influence of Florida on Richard and his family’s decision to relocate there.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- The glory days of finding friend and important business information from message boards.
- Finding personal peace from being a dog owner.
- Running a business with your friends to stay motivated and inspired. 
- Managing shipping, inventory and fulfillment through someone dedicated to that part of the business.

Episode 246 - WETHREECLUB “Good People”

Meet Alex and Chris White AKA WETHREECLUB. The nicest folks you’ll ever meet raising a family and a business at the same time. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 246
- How screen printing teaches you to be a better designer.
- Taking the leap as a couple to work together.
- Creating a family / work balance when mom & dad work at home for themselves. 
- How becoming a parent teaches you shake it all up and gives you perspective. 
- Keeping your look even when working with clients.
- Finding your perfect fit in another person.

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Enjoying being around others that do the same that you do.
- Making website work, work for you.
- The importance of being around a network of family and friends when you have a kid.
- Making a conscious decision to do things different when you’re a parent.
- Teaching your kids by example that work is a happy place and not a place of sadness.
- Following your passion whatever that may be. 

Episode 245 - “Shop Talk” with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and James Flames

The whole crew is in the studio today to help you kick off your Labor Day Weekend as they review some of the bigger topics that popped up on this week’s episodes. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 245
- Artist Statements from Billy and James, and a artist statement on what the term artist statement means?
- The evolution of James Flames career and illustration style.
- Billy’s resistance to want to follow what he’s great at, in hopes of discovering something new.
- What’s project did you land that made you the happiest. 
- Practicing fair working habits when working with others.
- The decline of gallery shows business practices and the decline of the gallery work.

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Kayne West at the VMAs 200% self confidence 0% content.
- We learn Mark, Billy and James design self empowerment moments in their careers. 
- Billy shares a real world design packaging problem that he’s been hired to try and resolve. 
- The guys all share their latest great TV finds.

Episode 244 - Godmachine “Calling The Spirits of”

British illustrator GODMACHINE joins us for his long awaited first appearance on Adventures In Design. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 244
- There’s more to learn from something you don’t understand.
- Letting the kid inside of you steer your career and receiving a present from your past self.
- Learning to be a good listener, to be a good speaker.
- Committing to a personal style.
- Posting photos of your cat online and letting down the walls of skulls an horror.
- Publishing a book of your work. 

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The decision to create digital work.
- Fear of blogging and being rolled by the trolls versus being free to speak your mind on the podcast.
- Batman through the eyes of Godmachine.
- Not worrying about retiring when you hope to work till you die.
- No apologies for being successful. 

Episode 243 - Ty Mattson “Creative Endurance”

Ty Mattson of became the guy in the design magazine with first class client list, a envy worthy portfolio and a office space that looks like you have died and gone to design heaven. He breaks down the facade with more inspirational real talk than you can shake a stick at.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 243
- How a work space defines the type of work that you do.
- Not putting your name on the door to make your space more inclusive to others that work there.
- Creating a A+ roster of clients by being fans of your client’s work.
- A good designer can always create greatness, despite set backs and project stipulations. 
- Breaking out of local level work and going after national work.
- Working with Apple and making it back to where design started for you.
- Turning your website into a “menu” that allows clients to “shop” for the services that you offer.
- Creating a portfolio book to send to your clients and other tools to keep connected to your clients.
- Having a something or somebody to prove wrong and using that as motivation to prove yourself right.

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- What happens when you give yourself permission to do your dream job.
- Standing by your personal work and not being able to hid be the excuse of clients.
- Something good always comes out of following your passion.
- Why not? Why wouldn’t you challenge yourself.
- Speaking the language of design but also learning to listen.
- Finding the balance of life when everything is awesome.
- Enjoying where you are it in life and not worrying about what’s next