The gang gets back together to bang the drum and kick off the weekend.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 225

- Mark celebrates 900,000 downloads and the guys reminisce on the early days of Adventures In Design.

- A debate over whey bands earlier records are better than their later records, can staying hungry be your best asset. 

The Circle of Trust (paid member content)

 - The guys review topics that appeared earlier during the week on Adventures In Design.

Episode 224 - Richey Beckett “Live By Your Rules, Design By Your Rules”

Circle of Trust member Richey Beckett gives us a look into taking a month to illustrate his masterful pen and ink illustrations. Done the old timey way, dip by dip, line by line.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 224
- We explore why Richey Beckett was attracted to making pen and ink his weapon of choice.
- Creating and existing within your own set design rules.
- The benefit of staying stubborn,focused and disciplined with your own work. 
- Can someone as good at there take as Richey Beckett make it to another set of fees in the music industry than what most of us see?

The Circle of Trust (paid member content)
- Richey’s way of working with small budgets but creating big financial returns.
- Getting past zero and making it lone enough to catch up with your residual earnings. 
- The key to making his artwork and models look legit old timey.
- How Richey ignores perspective but makes res there’s always a wind blowing through his work. 
- Working by hand and learning to react to your mistakes.
- A great story about the time Richey worked with “Mike and the Mechanics”.

Episode 223 - Daniel Danger The Interview

For his second feature episode Mark interviews Daniel Danger and gets him to share everything and anything about what has made him one of today’s most celebrated illustrators in printmaking. 

Talking Points You'll Hear on Episode 223.

We learn how Daniel Danger found influence from the landscape and history of New England to create his well known signature illustration style. From haunted stories, childhood kidnapping memories, to finding peace in the quiet of his hometown, Daniel breaks down many of his prints letting us all know the symbolism and stories that he designs into his work. For anyone who’s a fan or admirer of Daniel’s work this is an amazing look behind the curtain of one of today’s brightest stars in printmaking.

Daniel also shares his first steps as getting into becoming a commercial artist and finding a college worth of information every time he attended a Flatstock poster show.  

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)

Daniel gives us his opinion on how today’s movie posters are really just gig posters for movies and how they were originally created to break the mold of the floating heads posters of the generation before, but ironically many people have started to go back to what the scene was originally fighting to be different from.

We learn how his recent Crimson Peak poster was the best professional experience that he’s ever had when working with a studio and director.

In what will be one of the biggest values EVER for members, Daniel breaks down, step by step, how he creates his prints from illustration to final photoshop file. For you process hounds this is a dream come true!

Episode 222 - Kyle Crawford “Outspoken But Not Broken”

Kyle Crawford lives three lives as a apparel designer, creator of his own brand Electric Zombie and as a family man. Learn his emotional balance to doing all of these the best as he can while trying to feel appreciated at the same time.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 222
- Managing your work schedule and deciding to take time off or not.
- Kyle’s opinion of keeping the work flowing versus Mark’s opinion of always demanding more compensation.
- A honest look into the work/emotional balance between Kyle’s personal brand Electric Zombie and his client work as an apparel designer in the music industry.
- Dealing with the frustration of not being respected or appreciated inspired Kyle to not return to work one day and instead create his own brand.
- Kyle has a industry reputation of being honest and known for calling out bullshit. Mark encourages Kyle to tell him the things about Adventures In Design that he disagrees with.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- We get Kyle to break down his efficient work flow in the apparel industry. Creating 4-12 band new designs per day. We get his step by step process and understand how he’s able to take creative short cuts that make hime competitive in this market.
- The repercussions of being outspoken and honest publicly.


Episode 221 - Mike Jones “The Supper Gospel Hour”

Co-founder of Creative South design conference and owner of Serve Studios Mike Jones hangs out to talk about running his business, being a devoted christian and southern BBQ.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 221
- How A Trip to WMC Fest changed Mike’s creative and professional life.
- We learn about Mike’s design conference Creative South 
- The stereotypes of the south and  speaking with a southern accent.
- We break down the workflow of Mike’s agency Serve Studios that he stepped out on his own to form with friends two years ago.
- Mark asks Mike about his religious faith and asks if he ever worries about excluding others professionally by being so outspoken in his beliefs. 
- The benefits of being honest and open and the emotional rewards that come from living your life that way.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Mike’s role at his agency and what he passes on to his team members.
- Serve Studios has very in depth contact form on their website for perspective new clients, we ask Mike about this strategy and it’s efficiency.
- Heavy is the head that wears the crown and learning the art of delegation.
- Cutting your boss a little slack and understanding that higher you go, the more pieces of the puzzle you have your hands on.   
- A recent health scare and new outlook on personal fitness. 
- What makes a great BBQ restaurant.

Episode 220 - Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and Aaron Sechrist

Aaron Sechrist of joins Mark and Billy for Shop Talk. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 220
-  Art as therapy Can you still get lost in your work.
- Trying to stay within budget and not hating the work.
- The validation of social media and the anxiety of putting your work out into the world. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Testing out new equipment the guys listen to viral video by personal trainer John Burk.
- OK Pants freelance relationship with Delicious Design League.
- Aaron’s love of T-Shirt designing, while Mark and Billy hate it.
- A update from everyone’s favorite Professor Billy.

Episode 219 - Mitch Putnam Top Ten Posters of June 2015

Mitch Putnam of stops by for our monthly countdown covering the best in printmaking.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 219
- A preview of new things to come from Mondo as they enter the collectable toy world more aggressively. 

The Top 10 Posters of June 2015 from
01. Two New Marvel Prints by Dave Perillo Mark's Pick
01. Ken Taylor’s Pixies Poster (Onsale Info)Mitch's Pick
02. Hannibal Poster by Daniel Danger from Mondo
03. Two New Concert Posters by James Flames
04. Fairy Tale Posters by Familytree
05. Amelie Movie Poster by Anne Benjamin
06. “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?” Twilight Zone Print by Dave Perillo
07. Jurassic Park Posters by Stan & Vince, Dan McCarthy, and Rich Kelly from Mondo
08. The Third Man Poster by Francesco Francavilla
09. Major Lazer “Peace is the Mission” Art Print by Ferry Gouw
10. Dave Matthews Band Concert Poster by Ken Taylor

Summer Festival Posters
01. Bonnaroo Poster by Doe Eyed
02. Summer Camp Music Festival Poster by Half Hazard Press
03. Bonnaroo Poster by James Eads 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Mitch share with us release strategies of high demand products.
- We pick Mitch’s brains on his opinions of artist Instagram auctions.
- Can doing too much unlicensed or bootleg artwork ruin your chances of getting legitimate gigs down the road.


Episode 218 - Dan Kuhlken & Dustin Lee

Dan Kuhlken shares with us the art of saying no in regards to the extreme growth of DKNG Studios. Dustin Lee gives us all a inspirational message of jumping into earning passive income now. A very business oriented episode of Adventures In Design is waiting for you.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 218
- DKNG has been slammed this summer and had to turn away couple of passion projects.
- Remembering the art of saying no at all levels of your career.
- In case you get lost: Columns 

  •     A: BIG CLIENTS (Agency Work, Fortune 500s)
  •     B: INTERNAL PROJECTS (Art Prints, T-Shirts, Passive Income)
  •     C: PASSION CLIENT PROJECTS (Art Shows, Poster Gigs, Music/Movie Industry)

- Dustin Lee is the founder of and shares his path to understanding passive income.
- Influence from the book 4 Day Work Week.
- How taking action, trying new things and following your success will change your career and life.
- Learning the mindset of thinking long term in how create revenue.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- What makes you different than others is what will make standout in the marketplace.
- Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy freedom.
- How creating intellectual property is considered to be one of the best ways to create wealth.
- Old guys have all the answers.
- The value of creating an audience.

Episode 217 - Dan Mumford “Into The Light”

British illustrator and printmaker Dan Mumford catches up with Mark while visiting Los Angeles for his recent opening at Gallery 1988.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 217
- Dan shares with us how doing artwork for a friends band turned into a great career starter as that band got signed to a major label and came back to Dan for more work, all while he was wrapping up his time at university. 
- A shared bond over the loneliness of freelance and the importance of that daily commute.
- Feeling like others were catching up with his look and style, Dan decided to take  4 months of to focus on getting better at illustrating and it paid off BIG time.
- The difference a year can make in your career.
- Why it’s so important to stay hungry!

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Dan’s personal balance of working on fan art or inspired artwork for himself or art galleries.
- The pain of illustrating the human face.
- Composition and sketching, how much do you preplan.
- How going too far away from client work makes it almost impossible to go back to working with others.
- Dan’s in a relationship with a gallery owner and shares how they each help the other understand the art world from their different vantage points.

Episode 216 - Sonny Day “Mind Intern”

Sonny Day is one half of Australia’s We Buy Your Kids and 100% of his solo show Mind Intern opening this week at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 216
- The pressure of living up to your name when it’s Sonny Day.
- How following your passion around the word, makes the world seem small.
- Why Sonny feels it’s important to still work solo and away from his gig at We Buy Your Kids.
- How flashy work draws in the clients, but you have to self initiate your first wave of flashy work.
- Always remembering to say thank you! No matter how big your britches get.
- The concept of “Mind Intern” Sonny’s solo show opening in Austin, Texas this week.
- How losing Sunny’s dad two years ago put a heavy influence into his artwork and how art became his therapy.
- The warning label that should be attached to following your dreams and passion in life.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The innocence of Alice in Wonderland and her significance in pop culture.
- Awkward timing of Inside Out releasing just before Mind Intern.
- Allowing the influence of other artists to make a healthy mark on your work.

Best of Adventures In Design Episode 166 -
Print Mafia “Cut Paste Destroy”

With BRAND NEW 27 minute forward by 
Derrick Castle & Mark Brickey

Connie Collingsworth and Jim Madison have been doing Print Mafia since 1997. In their nearly 20 year run they have seen the glory pay days of gig posters and the complete crash. Even though rock n roll will always be there first love they are making some 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 166
- The more things change the more they stay the same when running your business for 18 years.
- Creating art and prints without a computer.
- Being different, not cool and totally happy about it.
- Breaking your back for printmaking.
- The invention of Shirt Club a new weekly offering from Print Mafia.
- Birthing a large scale internal project.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Digital distribution for analog art.
- Scheduling internal projects for success.

Best of Adventures In Design Episode 165 -
Mike King “Crash America”

With BRAND NEW 22 minute forward by 
Derrick Castle & Mark Brickey

Mike King has been making posters for over 35 years and working for himself for over 25. This summer he’s retiring from posters and entrepreneurship… AND taking a job. Leaving his roots in Portland and setting up a new life in NYC.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 150
- The degrees of failure.
- Shrinking music design budgets, where’s has that zero gone?
- When the American dream feels like American bullshit.
- What makes the seasoned professional more appealing than talented kids straight from art school.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- We speculate on the future of Mike King’s career and talk about what he’s most looking forward to and what he’ll never miss doing again. Why in the end your philosophy on design is your strongest attribute. Being in love with design, regardless how many times it’s breaks your heart.

Best of Adventures In Design Episode 103 - Chris Parks aka Pale Horse “Hooks In The Water”
With BRAND NEW 25 minute forward by 
Derrick Castle & Mark Brickey

Illustrator Chris Parks also known as Pale Horse joins the show to talk about everything and anything that comes to mind.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 103
• Living for a good story.
• Surrounding yourself with people that you want to learn from.
• Opening your mind to discovery and exploration.
In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
• Finding Straight Edge
• Using psychedelic drugs to explore your mind and binging it back to your artwork.

Best of Adventures In Design - David Cook "BONETHROWER" AID-AM 27 
With BRAND NEW 15 minute forward by 
Derrick Castle & Mark Brickey

David Cook aka BONETHROWER is a illustrator based in Los Angeles who loves to use repetition as way to problem solve the puzzle pieces in his mind. Influenced by skateboarding, punk rock and psychedelic imagery, BONETHROWER proficiently creates hand drawn illustrations ranging from the obscene to the downright disturbing. He shares with us how being colorblind helped create his unique color pallet and really tries to explain how he sees his artwork as problem solving. 

Best of Adventures In Design AID-AM 11
 "By The Ace of God" with Tyler Deeb

With BRAND NEW 21 minute forward by 
Derrick Castle & Mark Brickey

Designer Tyler Deeb has an amazing story to tell you about how he turned a lack of freelance work into a life changing event. Tyler puts the same amount of effort into his business practices as he does into the artwork and products that his company Misc. Goods Co. produces and that's saying a lot because his artwork is flawless and beyond well thought out.


Episode 215 - Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and James Flames

On today’s show we talk about the art of turning your Instagram account into a place of gambling, auctions and other creative ways to have fun while selling your work.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 215
- How we can sometimes choke or mixup the magic when big opportunities come calling.
- The disappointment in the finished work when comparing it to your expectations and original visions.
- Being jealous, being competitive are the two the same and is either healthy.
- The female hand on your back test.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- How to turn your Instagram account into a eBay account. Strategies on smart selling so that you and your following can have fun without damaging your brand.
-  Using your Instagram account as a game show to sell a chance at buying something great at great price.
-  We get Billy and James opinion on the collector mentality and how to play the game of limited edition.

Episode 214 - Adam Brackney “WKRMN”

Adam Brackney runs his own one man wrecking machine called Workerman where he hand produces chef knives, pocketknives, jewelry and hoe accessories. Every item is hand made by Adam.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 214
- Realizing that there was a market for well crafted handmade chef knives.
- Understanding the creative process and learning to properly price it.
- Making a product that your customer forms a relationship with.
- Dealing with people that ask where you get your supplies from.
- The wacky world of Instagram auctions and how WKRMN is taking full advantage of this trend.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- How expensive manufacturing startup costs keeps the little guy out.
- A strategy on creating a open edition line products, to make sure you always have some items in your store.
- How Adam handled a couple of design students that ripped off one of his product designs.
- Understanding how to get into owning a CNC machine to expand your range of services.

Episode 213 - DKNG Studios

DKNG Studios gives us a update on their new concept of growth and new releases since their last visit in May.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 213
- Retail sales and trying to figure out the bizarre mind of the collector.
- How not being noticed is the best that you can hope for when making a infographic.
- To keep things efficient, at times DKNG chooses a hand drawn look, over their slick digital look.
- Trying to keep inspired and staying hungry even when you have “too much good stuff” going on.
The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- How a little validation from others helps you self validate.
- Pulling a Tidwell. How many of us a year later are protected.
- Everyones expectations for the upcoming Sean Mort bachelor party at the Disneyland Resort.

Episode 212 - Leslie Herman “The Right Mistakes”

Illustrator Leslie Herman shares with us his loose handmade style of printmaking.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 212
- The attitude in which Leslie allows himself to let go of details and structure in his work.
- How freelance doesn't get any easier but does gets more comfortable.
- Pairing your freelance career with part time teaching to create a more comfortable cashflow.
- Using your youth to experiment with your career and the importance of learning critical thinking early.
- How Leslie took a job as a line cook at local venue and got his foot in the door with doing gig posters.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Needing to see a sign from the universe that you are doing the right thing with your life.
- We break down the success of Leslie’s Orwells poster and why this design is so great.
- Printmaking allowing you to see your artwork as others do.
- How moving just your desk, much less to another city can bring alive your creativity.

Episode 211 - Happy 4th of July Shop Talk from Mark, Billy & James

A very special 4th of July episode of Adventures In Design with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann & James Flames.

Episode 210 - MAY 2015 Top 10 Posters with Mitch Putnam of

Monthly Mitch Putnam from stops by the show to give an update on Mondo and The VACVVM.This month Mitch brings us up to speed with the big shake ups over at Mondo. Mark picks his top 10 posters from the month of May.

Your Top 10 List To Follow Along With
Honorable Mentions
01 02 03

Top 10
10 09 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01

In The Circle of Trust
- Dying animal stories.
- Chasing good content rather than advertising. 
- Relocating a family.

Episode 209 - Jason Edmiston "Happy Canada Day"  

Canadian fantasy painter Jason Edmiston stops by to explain how he’s created a way to turn his paintings into screen prints.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 209
- Jason’s step by step process on creating screen prints that look just like his paintings.
- We learn how Jason breaks every job down into several products making his earning potential much greater than most.
- We break down the cash flow of Jason’s career and try to learn if someone at his level can actually do big show and then create the padding to work comfortably on his next big idea.
- Mark asks Jason if he thinks he’ll ever tire of painting pop culture.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Jason talks about his love of social media and inviting people into the art experience.
- We find out about Jason’s dream job he landed and some other fun corporate gigs he’s landed.
- The heartbreak of having to walk away from your work and go live your life.
- Staying hungry and keeping yourself motivated to keep working hard even if you have the taste of success.