Episode 192 - Shop Talk “Spawn of Billy” 

Congratulations to Billy Baumann & his wife Anne Benjamin who just announced that the “Spawn of Billy” has been created. Mark & James are two of the most considerate fiends ta guy could ever have and spend over thirty minutes stressing Billy out before they decide to start a baby shower company titled “When It Rains It Pours Baby Showers”. Billy has other growing pains too, Delicious is contemplating moving into a space that’s twice as big and 4.5 times as expensive as their current studio. James offers calculated advice and while Mark demands they shit or get off of the pot and move as fast as they can. 

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)
Mark and Billy can’t say enough good things about Mad Max, in fact Billy says too much and the Billy Buzzer shows up. Mark opens up listener mail on air and asks James about the process of drawing perfect trees and other illustrated vegetation. 

Episode 191 - Sean Leonard of Cotton Candy Machine Part II

Sean Leonard is the director and co-owner of Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine. Recently after his last appearance on the show he initiated a one man fundraising attempt for his gallery. We asked him to come back on explain what’s going on with the gallery and explain it’s financial woes. Sean speaks openly about getting priced out of his Williamsburg neighborhood, letting down the facade of success on social media and speculates on the future shape of his business. In the Circle of Trust bonus content we talk about how professional stress can effect personal stress when your business partner if also your significant other, realizing your companies financial problems and making plans to react accordingly.

Episode 190- Two For Tuesday with Victoria Goldsmith & Caroline Beavon.
With Miles To Go Clothing and Connie of Print Mafia.

On Two For Tuesday we have two members of the Circle of Trust give us a basic breakdown on their business and ask questions based on their current biggest problem. Host Mark Brickey tries to talk them through to answers for the career problems. In the bonus content we bring in another professional to review their questions and the advice they we’re given. 

Case 01 - Victoria Goldsmith of Lowpolyfish.com.
Victoria is fresh out of school and applying for jobs like crazy, but is consistently hitting brick walls. Mark helps her visualize how to take back the control of her career and to stop feeling defeated.

Case 02 - Caroline Beavon of CarolineBeavon.com
Caroline is self taught and very driven. Mark helps her carve out space to get better and better on her clients dime and learn her way to good design one small step, one project at a time.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Greg of Miles To Go Clothing
Greg offers Victoria some insight on getting started on truing her design into a brand. Greg also takes Mark up on suggestion has a Two For Tuesday surprise.

Case 02 Review with Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia
Connie is a big fan of Caroline and praises her hard work and great attitude. Connie also gives Caroline some tips on learning on the job and some tips on bettering her body of work.

Episode 189 - Mad Men Series Review with Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia

On a very special late night recording session Mark and his TV Wife Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia wrap up and review the complete Mad Men series. SPOILERS are everywhere, so please listen responsibly. This show covers why Mad Men was such an important influence on our careers and the inspiration this fictional cast of characters gave us.

If Mad Men isn’t your thing never fear, the Circle of Trust content is 100% design related, where we review some recent topics on the show.

Episode 188 - Shop Talk With Mark, Billy & James

The boys are all back together to wind down the work week. Billy explains the art of the big pitch and breaks down what a deck is, James talks about being focused on the long term career goals and not getting tempted by the quick buck, while Mark brings up two words he never wants to hear from clients. It’s been a busy week so in the Circle of Trust, as a special members only release, Mark shares a 17:00 minute phone call from 2003. Trust us, when we say that applying for a credit card has never been so fun. Things are gonna get edgy, funky and pop on today’s Shop Talk! 

Episode 187 - Employee of The Month David Defeo

Meet David Defeo the first ever Adventures In Design hired employee. He’s part of the team and it’s probably a good idea that you get to know him.

Talking Points In This Episode
- Not allowing yourself to see limits on the people you can meet and opportunities that you can create.
- Understanding how to get your foot in the door and creating your own space.
- Trying to understand why full-time employees take on more of the same with their freelance time?
- Getting to know David Defeo the newest edition to TEAM Adventures In Design!

In The Circle of Trust
- Mark & David talk about the past, present and future of the podcast. What it means to them, what means to others and where they hope to take project.

Episode 186 - April 2015 Top 10 Posters with Mitch Putnam of OMGposters.com

Monthly Mitch Putnam from OMGposters.com stops by the show to give an update on Mondo and The VACVVM. Mark picks his top 10 posters from the month of April.

In The Circle of Trust
- Mark & Mitch share their accounting systems and talk about cash flow management.
- Mitch gives designers the top 3 skills that Mondo looks for when picking new artists to work with.
- Mitch also lets us know the number 1 problem new designers make when given a new job.
- Advice on getting involved and starting an art fulfillment business.
- The biggest thing each guy has learned in the first 6 months of their new projects The VACVVM and Adventures In Design as a daily podcast.

Episode 185 - Two For Tuesday with Buffalo Made Co. and Tanner Johnston. With Nate Duval and Dan Stiles.

This week on Two For Tuesday Rob Hopkins of Buffalo Made Co. tries to figure out how to get more time to work on his own brand in his freelance hours and Tanner Johnston has 5 months before he loses his current job and debates his next possible steps, in or out of design. 

Case 01 - Rob Hopkins of Buffalo Made Co.
Managing your freelance hours to make more time to create for yourself.
Setting higher freelance rates to better use your design time.
Remembering the art of negation exist even at your day job.

Case 02 - Tanner Johnston
Taking time away from design or fighting for your career. 
Evaluating if this profession is really the right one for you.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Nate Duval
Focus on what comes easy and realize that your day dreams may not be for you.
Not having a backup plan and doing what comes natural to you.

Case 02 Review with Dan Stiles
Don’t make excuses, create a plan of attack and make shit happen.
Production work is valued position in the world of design.


Episode 184 - “Hold On” Mort & Brickey

Favorite regular Sean Mort stops by to try and cheer up Brickley who is having a bad mood day.

Talking Points of AID 184
- Mark is in a bad mood and complains about his schedule for May.
- Work ethic, always be the best until your the worst.
- Pulling a Don Draper when Dick Whitman is done trying.
- Working construction and other shit jobs.
- Sean & Mark talk about the possibility of the Freedom Tour this fall.
- What amount of money do you expect to make per day at shows.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Sean talks about possibly expanding his printing setup.
- Taking inspiration from other designers, what’s the best practice in making others aware that you want to try a similar concept.
- Mark gives out a business model.
- When others take your advice in the wrong way.

Episode 183 - Happy Mother’s Day Barbara Ghrist with Andrew Ghrist, James Flames & Sean Mort.

A very special Mother’s Day Episode interviewing the most supportive mother to Adventures In Design Barbara Ghrist, Circle of Trust member and mother of the very talented Andrew Ghrist.

Talking Points of AID 183
- Spotting artistic talent in your child at a very early age.
- The decision and investment in sending your kid to art school.
- It’s OK to admit that you have been given an advantage in life.
- Being inspired and learning from your adult children.
- Finding your own voice when starting out in the art world.
- How youth affords you the luxury being broke.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Fake election day in the UK.
- Sean’s BIG announcement!
- We talk about Sean’s daily art series on social media and how important line weight really is.
- Praising Aaron Sechrist @OKpants and his No Justice No Peace pop culture print done correctly.
- Bad gallery deals and bad attitudes

Episode 182 - Shop Talk with DKNG Studios

A bonus Shop Talk on Thursday where we talk with DKNG Studios about negotiating, growing your business and surviving the “Blizzard of Cocks”.

Talking Points of AID 182
- Turning talent into leverage and using it as a power in negotiating.
- Adding employees or staying small.
- Staying in the sweet spot of profitability.
- The blizzard of cocks.
- First steps being the hardest, it’s more stressful to worry about $300 than $30,000.
- Evaluating live vending shows and figuring out are they worth the hassle.
- The work flow of high end freelance work for big agencies.
- Contract scripts. Keeping your clients following your work flow and keeping them responsible for time management and too many revisions. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Mark talks about the May programming of the show.
- How much is enough to show your clients in the first rounds.
- A case study on DKNG growing past the two partners. Using real math to breakdown the actual cost and potential gain of growing your business. The math that sadly many people don’t do before making a big leap toward growth.

Episode 181 - Jeral Tidwell “The Devil Is In The Details”

Jeral Tidwell is back for his 5th AID appearance and 3rd solo episode. The first time he taught us all the art of affordable copyright. The second time we all debated skill versus craft and Jeral made us all look at what we were doing differently. Today Jeral talks about letting go of money and saying hello to happiness. This is a episode for anyone that needs a little push to take the jump into changing their life for creative happiness. Find out more about Jeral at HumanTree.com

Talking Points of AID 181
- We learn about a skateboard art show that Jeral created by chance and that has turned into big project with many moving parts.
- Mark talks about being a camp art counselor.
- Illustrating from the heart and forgetting the camera’s view.
- The childhood sparkle that allows you to see the magic in the world.
- Letting your inner 4 year old guide you in life.
- Pretending Mickey Mouse is real for the happiness of the kids around him.
- Character as an asset. 
- Learning to let go and following your passion.
- You don’t have to ANYTHING that you don’t want to do! You volunteer to do everything that you hate.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The Math Behind The Man (How does Jeral Tidwell make a living?)
- Jeral’s decision to NOT let money guide his career, happiness and life.
- Picking Passion projects that grow your business.
- Treating clients like clients not like bosses. 

Episode 180- Two For Tuesday with Matt Saunders & Corey Thomas.
With Derrick Castle and Jeral Tidwell.

On Two For Tuesday we have two members of the Circle of Trust give us a basic breakdown on their business and ask questions based on their current biggest problem. Host Mark Brickey tries to talk them through to answers for the career problems. In the bonus content we bring in another professional to review their questions and the advice they we’re given. 

Case 01 - Matt Saunders of RabbitPortal.com.
Matt Saunders has been hitting hard for 5 years and wants to know if he should edit up his portfolio, design looks and services. We talk about how these changes could help Matt get to the next level of his career and help him start to see some finical and personal growth. 

Case 02 - Corey Thomas of CoreyThomasDesign.com
Corey Thomas is a full time merchandise designer for Warner Music Group but want’s to get his freelance work and personal design to a better level while keeping up the high volume demands of the music industry. Mark gives him tough love about slowing it down to build from a better foundation.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Derrick Castle
Derrick points out stronger pieces in Matt Saunders body of work that he believes Matt should focus on to reach new levels in his career.

Case 02 Review with Jeral Tidwell
Corey Thomas gets more tough love from Jeral Tidwell who let’s Corey know that he’s closer than he thinks to his  current goals, but also thinks that maybe he should set new career aspirations. 

Episode 179 -  Derrick Castle “Straw Castle”

Mark’s favorite guest Derrick Castle joins us for another episode of the Duke Boys of Design. Wakeup Uncle Jesse and get Daisy to put some slacks on because it’s another hour of redneck radio.

Talking Points of AID 179
- Miss steps with first and early shows and making the best with what you’re given.
- What we would you do if you found a suitcase full of cash.
- Derrick’s wife Jennifer has joined Straw Castle and Mark has hired an assistant. First steps on expanding your team and setting yourself up for a return on investment.
- Fear of failure, feeling sorry for yourself and not allowing yourself to ever accept losing.
- Learning from your parents and realizing your parents we’re just confused kids and didn’t have it all figured out.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The honestly of Adventures In Design guests.
- Some insight and background to the Jim Phillips interview. 
- Derrick’s insight and opinions on last week’s “Two For Tuesday” episode.
- Mark hating when nature bothers his lifestyle.

Episode 178 -  Shop Talk Friday sponsored by Blue Pole

Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and James Flames are back to wrap up the week that was with a filthy Shop Talk. Fast forward to about 40 minutes in for anything close to design talk. You were warned!

Talking Points of AID 178
- Michael John Houghton’s the Robin Hood of 99 Designs.
- Confessions of illustrating your own porn as kid.
- Mark’s blue pole.
- The porn effect on the internet generation.
- Everybody Gets Told To Fuck Off.
- Cosplay Is Not Consent.
- Billy reviews C2E2.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- James ask Mark and Billy advice on redoing his website.
- Mark talks a lot abut his love of using Squarespace.
- Billy and James are hit up to become future AID Mentors on Two For Tuesday.

Episode 177 -  Sean Leonard “Cotton Candy Machine”

Sean Leonard is the director and co-owner of Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine. On today’s episode he gives a ton of insight into successfully running a art gallery, tips on how artists can expand their product range and insight on what he looks for when finding fine folks to display at Cotton Candy Machine.

Talking Points of AID 177
- The collaboration with artists to create a great show.
- Early steps and stages in turning a studio space into a gallery space.
- Helping artists pick proper price points for gallery shows.
- Celebrating the success of his partner  Tara McPherson’s career.
- The customer care culture of Cotton Candy Machine.
- The difference in one man, 2-4 man or group art shows and who’s ready for what.
- Value of your friends and network.
- Getting the best out of your artists. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Combining boutique retail sales with fine art sales.
- Not focusing directly on money to build a career but your passion and momentum.
- Original art, prints, merchandise making your career and collectors happy.
- Loving your business partner.

Episode 176 -  Brian Steely “Served With Soul”

Brian Steely has had the same agency job for over 18 years and just recently came into his own with his amazing mono line illustration style. Hear how he’s enjoying his new found freelance fame and adjusting to late nights at the trackpad.

Talking Points of AID 176
- Finding the perfect freelance and family balance.
- Mark and Brian have been working in the industry for the same amount of time. Mark is amazed at what life would have been like behind door number 2 and can’t ask Brian enough questions about the different life path.
- Creating his new mono line style has created a new passion for his career.
- The art of simplified design.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Brian shares his design process step by step and gives us his own personal style guide.
- How to make warm type.
- Finding peace with the day job and treating your freelance career differently. 

Episode 175 - Two For Tuesday with Bearface Design & Jetpacks And Rollerskates. 
With Sean Mort and Dan Kuhlken of DKNG Studios.

On Two For Tuesday we have two members of the Circle of Trust give us a basic breakdown on their business and ask questions based on their current biggest problem. Host Mark Brickey tries to talk them through to answers for the career problems. In the bonus content we bring in another professional to review their questions and the advice they we’re given. 

Case 01 - Jon Johnson of Bearface Design.
Finding more time to make your own products and designs.
Creating a system to manage your inventory.

Case 02 - Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks and Rollerskates
Blake is happy at full time day job but is curious on how to get his passion project more well known.
He’s also curious about how to get better network of designers hanging out in his neck of the woods.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Sean Mort
Finding inspiration to make excuses to make work happen and not to say no.
Getting ahead of the curve and committing to a personal work schedule.

Case 02 Review with Dan Kuhlken of DKNG Studios
Dan questions whether or not a guy who loves his day job is truly ready for the struggle of getting great and well known.

Episode 174 -  Weapons of Mass Creation 6 with Aaron Sechrist, Heather Sakai and Bryan Garvin

WMC Fest 6 emcee Aaron Sechrist of OK Pants joins talks about hosting this years festival and Heather and Bryan from Clevleand’s Go Media discuss their decision to keep the festival alive, bigger and better than before.

Talking Points of AID 174
- The process of public speaking and emceeing a live event.
- The decision to keep Weapons of Mass Creation alive for it’s 6th year.
- Big changes in this years festival.
- Focusing on what you’re known for and being the best at what you do.
- Learning about the new and improved home of WMC Fest.
- New attractions added to WMC Fest 6.
- The return of Ink Wars.
- Adventures In Design Live On Stage at WMC Fest 6.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Creating a business within your business. Managing large scale projects without bankrupting the parent company.
- Keeping a balance between day to day projects but still finding time to work on large scale productions.
- We breakdown the math of WMC Fest and talk about what it takes to make a event profitable. 
- The contagious excitement of Aaron Sechrist and his work.
- Using a beard to hide your double chins.

Episode 173 - Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and James Flames

It’s Friday. TGIF hashtag kill your boss, bang on the drum.

Talking Points of AID 173
- Can your studio go digital and sell digital design tools?
- Mark announces soon being the official voice of Jakprints phone system.
- How Design conference talk. Who’s it for and why are they going?
- What makes for a great or bad design speaker.
- The first Adventures In Design employee is announced.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Making a big decision about the summer craft shows.
- Debating future steps with Adventures In Design and trying to guess growth and expansion.
- A honest look at maximizing my own earning potential with Adventures In Design.
- The dream destination of where this project could go.
- A look at success and is it possible to make day dreams come true.
- The growth of Delicious Design League and the growing pains.
- Making a growth plan and getting over the lack of resources to make a big move happen.


Episode 172 - David Stowe Vannen Watches

Watch designer David Stowe of Vannen Watches talks about his inspirational moment of changing his life and starting his business. 

Talking Points of AID 172
- The magic of Swatch Watch in 1980s.
- Designing every piece of the watch to create an overall product experience.
- Selling IP products versus selling original art pieces.
- Working with Descendents.
- The balance of working with big name properties and trying to make great products.
- Keeping a balanced release schedule to use big releases to fund introduction pieces.
- The commute from work that changed David’s life, when he decided to spend the next year planning his escape into entrepreneurship.
- Making excuses to not try.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The cash flow of production
- Investing time into figuring out your product design and production.
- Creating a production relationship with your manufacturer.
- Thoughts on unlicensed work, when you’re paying licensing fees.
- Working with limited edition product lines.
- The behind the scenes story of his official Breaking Bad watch release.


Episode 171 - Tad Carpenter “Working Hard”

Illustrator Tad Carpenter talks about working hard and making his own luck in life.

Talking Points of AID 171
- Email management and frustrations.
- Working fast, moving fast.
- Our early days of coming out of the lost years.
- Tad talks about his father’s career as in illustrator and how much things have changed but stayed the same.
- Sharing the same career path as pops, the ups and downs.
- Working with your spouse.
- Identifying change and knowing when to make the big moves.
- Do the dream clients bring the dream paydays???
- Being addicted to good design, in all aspects of your life.
- Keeping social media under control. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- How Tad built equally great social media accounts.
- Living within a signature style and how to evolve while still protecting your brand.
- Using your internal work to land you the bigs.
- Making big moves

Episode 170 - DKNG Studios, The BLKSMITH, Lil Tuffy LIVE from CMND SHIFT at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento, California 

Live from the CMND SHIFT design conference we’re joined by designer Nathan Goldman of DKNG Studios, typographer David Smith The BLKSMITH and gig poster designer Lil Tuffy.

Episode 169 - Chris Parks & Monster of Pale Horse Design.
“Become Yourself”

Illustrator Chris Parks aka Pale Horse along with his friend Monster stop by to talk about Pale Horse Lucha, an impressive art experience they’ll be hosting on Cinco De Mayo this year in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Talking Points of AID 169
- What happens when you decide to dream up something impossible and then try to make it possible.
- Creating an art experience where no one can tell where the art begins and ends.
- How Chris and Monster created 4 new Lucha Libre characters and materialized them for their show.
- Going to Mexico and researching their subject matter through the eyes of famous wrestling families.
- Recruiting others to get excited about your project and take on a piece that they were passionate about.
- Creating inspiration to make big things happen.
- Keep moving, keep creating and not allowing yourself to worry about process.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Not allowing your self to be compromised. 
- The concept of creating Spiritual Warriors.
- Working with others and allowing them to craft your visions.
- Become Yourself.

Episode 168 - Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann & James Flames

Talking Points of AID 168
- The origin story of Saul Rosenberg Studios.
- We create a new show available through Adventures In Design the NDACAST.
- Share our guitar setups.
- Riding your success, but keeping an eye on the future and changes in your industry.
- We talk about what wholesale means to our businesses. 
- A final review of the Mike King episode and what we learned from his brave episode.
- How outside elements can always rise and ruin your career. 
- Billy & James gush over Dare Devil.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- A final review of Sean Mort’s run in with street artist Space Invader.
- Bill Cosby.
- Billy feels scorned by a failed business deal through friends.
- James shares his romantic trip to New Orleans with Nate Duval.

Episode 167 - Summer Movie Game with DKNG Studios and Sean Mort

Dank Kuhlken of DKNG Studios and Sean Mort stop by to each wager $300 on the Summer Movie Game.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Sean Mort’s ruin in with street artist Sapce Invader invading Sean’s creative space.
- Monster booth design did DKNG and Hero over do it? Is Sean Mort doing it right?
- Everybody talks about how they love using SqaureSpace to create our websites.
- We review the Mike King interview and talk about avoiding his situation.


Episode 166 - Print Mafia “Cut Paste Destroy”

Connie Collingsworth and Jim Madison have been doing Print Mafia since 1997. In their nearly 20 year run they have seen the glory pay days of gig posters and the complete crash. Even though rock n roll will always be there first love they are making some moves to change up their game and get back to the good old days. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 166
- The more things change the more they stay the same when running your business for 18 years.
- Creating art and prints without a computer.
- Being different, not cool and totally happy about it.
- Breaking your back for printmaking.
- The invention of Shirt Club a new weekly offering from Print Mafia.
- Birthing a large scale internal project,

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Digital distribution for analog art.
- Scheduling internal projects for success.

Episode 165 - Mike King “Crash America”

Mike King has been making posters for over 35 years and working for himself for over 25. This summer he’s retiring from posters and entrepreneurship… AND taking a job. Leaving his roots in Portland and setting up a new life in NYC. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 150
- The many degrees of failure.
- Shrinking music design budgets, where’s has that zero gone?
- When the American dream feels like American bullshit.
- What makes the seasoned professional more appealing than talented kids straight from art school.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- We speculate on the future of Mike King’s career and talk about what he’s most looking forward to and what he’ll never miss doing again. Why in the end your philosophy on design is your strongest attribute. Being in love with design, regardless how many times it’s breaks your heart.

Episode 164 - Greg Kerr “Miles To Go”

Greg Kerr owns and operates Miles To Go clothing. From art direction, printing and even order fulfillment Greg handles it all. Recently with a improved focus on wholesale, his company jumped from just 3 accounts to over a 100. Greg is a straight shooter and shares with us all of new success and old failures. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
Wholesaling tips and working with wholesale reps.

Episode 163 - Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and James Flames

We recap our break away from the Friday show, talk Mexico and play Mitch Madness where we bracket out the 16 best poster designers and finally decide who’s the best.

In the Circle of Trust Mark interviews Billy about the growth and future of Delicious Design League. Billy gives a honest realistic view of how growing a business beyond just you and your partner.


Episode 162 - Mitch Putnam March Poster Review

Mitch Putnam from OMGposters.com visits us and we review the month of March in printmaking. 

In the Circle of Trust Mitch is put on the spot to pick 16 of the best printmakers so that on the next epiosde Mark, Billy and James can play Mitch Madness and bracket out the best poster designer. 

Episode 161 - Jim Phillips “Greatest Hits”

We visit legendary skateboard illustrator Jim Phillips from his home studio in Santa Cruz, California. Jim started designing graphics for the famous Santa Cruz Skateboards (@santacruzskateboards) the same year the host was born in 1974. Ten years later Mark would see Jim’s artwork for the first time and this would change the course of his life forever. Thirty years later we’re honored to record this special interview where we get to hear the “Greatest Hits” of Jim Phillips legendary career and thank him for changing the way many of us see the world of skateboarding, graphic design and commercial illustration.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 161
- The invention of silkscreen illustrations on skateboards and how thick key lines saved the day.
- Being inspired by commercial art more than fine art and enjoying the challenge of this path.
- The organic shape of skateboards versus the boring shape of a canvas.
- We ask Jim about some of his most famous skateboard illustrations.
- The power of a graphic and thinking of information as logos.
- Having your son and now grandson carry on the family business. 
- The invention and celebration of the Screaming Hand icon.
- Getting on the other side of life where work is masked as fun.
- How the fine art world looks down on commercial art.
- The legacy of Jim Phillips.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Retired and 70 years old, Jim is addicted to creating and still stays up till after midnight making art.
- Earning Royalties for your work 30 years later. 
- The beginning of Thrasher Magazine and the famous ads that Jim created for the inside cover.
- Placing a story within a story, Jim’s love of landscaping and the biggest catch 22 of being a sport.
- Jim’s analog apple Z.
- Lifetime achievement awards and finding a lust for life